Mentoring Program

Mentoring College Students and Young Teachers

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Current Alabama ACDA Mentoring Program Database | Last Update August 22, 2014

The Alabama Choral Directors Association has begun a new initiative for mentoring young teachers. The program is as follows:

1. Young teachers will receive email reminders about various events occurring throughout our state – All-State Choral Festival, State Choral Performance Assessment, honor choirs, etc. as well as organizational reminders such as ordering music, filling out professional leave forms, and other helpful information for the beginning choir director.

2. A database of contact information has been created with the following criteria:

a. College Students

b. Young Teachers (1-5 years experience)

c. Mentors (5+ years of experience)

3. The database also contains the strengths and experiences of each mentor. These strengths may include women’s choir, high school choir, diction, travel, lesson plans, sight reading and many other skills and qualifications that new choir directors will face and may need help with.

4. This database can be used to contact a mentor with specific questions according to the issue the young teacher encounters. The database may also be used to contact colleagues that teach at similar schools and have similar choral programs.

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